Monday, April 4, 2016

Chats with Charlotte 5

Me: what was that noise?
C: Charlotte's tooting!!! :)

"Take all friends out of my bed!"
"Any more friends, Mom?"

"Pray someone else, Mom?!"

"Here go go, Asher. Here go go, Mom."

"Go park. Take bonononars. See boats, see whales." 

"Play trumpet, Mom. I play drum. Be loud!" .... "Oh, my! Be loud! Hurt my ears!" 

"Asher did it!" (As Asher grabbed a piece she was adding to the tower, haha.)

"Draw circle, please. Color it in. Draw tiny little stars. Draw big star. Draw triangle." 


"Hold me, please, Mom. Put Asher down over there." 

"I read all my friends. Ready, guys? I read book you. Okay, everyone!" 

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