Thursday, April 21, 2016

Life around here these days

It's strange how the content on this blog ebbs and flows, through different stages of life and seasons of the year. I've been taking a lot of photos lately, all on my iPhone, and usually posting them to Instagram or facebook. But I haven't felt there were many interesting things to blog about, so I haven't been sitting down to write. 

When I look back in future months (or years), though, I want to be able to remember the normal days and the way my children grew, and the mundane challenges of life. So here's a little glimpse into our lives these days. 

Asher mastered sitting up last week. Then got his first tooth over the weekend. Then last night, he slept for the first time in an ACTUAL crib! He's been in the pack N play since he stopped sleeping in the swing as a teeny tiny babe. I was worried he would have a hard time adjusting, but he didn't seem to notice a bit of difference. :) Babies, man. So flexible and awesome. 

Since Asher now has the crib, Charlotte is sleeping on the living room couch. 

Psych. She's settling into her toddler bed fairly well. Naps are consistent and awesome. She sleeps all night long, but bedtime has become very difficult. Fortunately, she doesn't seem to know she can actually get out of her room and has been pretty obedient of our "stay in your big girl bed" rule. However. She plays and reads and talks to her stuffed animals and babbles to herself FOREVER before finally falling asleep!! Last night it was almost 10pm before she was sleeping quietly! Ugh! 

Joel's work schedule has been very full lately. This week alone he was home after six pm three days in a row! Maybe some people are used to this kind of schedule, but he leaves home by 7 most mornings, so being gone for over eleven hours is really difficult. For both of us. I'm exhausted by dinner time, so getting it all prepped on my own while managing both kids is so hard. Joel works a long day, then comes home and jumps right into super dad duties. Needless to say, we are happy for the slightly slower pace every time the weekend rolls around. 

The spring weather here has been amazing!! We have spent a lot of sunny days outside, swinging on our swingset, doing yard work. washing the cars, going for a hike, and walking/running on the trail nearby. After a cold, dreary winter, this sunshine is blowing me away. So grateful! 

We are very thankful for our quiet neighborhood and the connections we have made in our church here. It's been a difficult year, but God has provided so abundantly and lovingly for our needs. 

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