Sunday, May 22, 2016

Life around here lately, 2

Spring weather is fickle in the Pacific Northwest, apparently. We have had a lot of cool, gray days the past couple of weeks!! Fortunately, it's still warm enough to go outside for a walk or a ride on the swing, but we can't play in our swimsuits regularly quite yet. 

Lately we've been visiting friends, watering our flowers, looking at snails on the tree out front, and missing Joel, who has had four track meets in the past three weeks! It's so nice that summer is almost here, with his month of vacation and shorter work hours! :) 

We had the best time with Grandmom and Granddad when they visited us! Having two extra sets of hands made me more adventurous to try some things with the kids, including a trip to Pike Place Market in Seattle and a short local hike. 

The kids are struggling with sleep and schedules lately. Charlotte still needs a nap but then she plays in her bed for 1-2 hours after we put her to bed at night. Asher has been napping poorly AND waking up a extra time at night. I'm hoping it's just a big developmental leap, and then he will be back to sleeping a bit better. In the meantime, I want to rip my hair out! :) 

It's really fun to watch Asher and Charlotte learn to play together. Sometimes I leave them in a room while I go do something, and when I come back I quietly peek around the corner to see how they interact. Asher ADORES his big sister, and most of the time, she loves him so much and is really sweet with him! Heart melting, these two! 

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