Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Asher: eight months old

Growth/development: Asher still isn't quite crawling but he can scoot backward quickly and he loves to spin around in circles on his belly. He can go from sitting to laying on his tummy. He never stays on his back-- always immediately rolls to his belly. I remember Charlotte rolling every which way at eight months, but Asher is pretty content to hang out in one place.

He has his two bottom middle teeth now, and it seems as if a top tooth is on its way. Even with his Amber necklace, Asher has been drooling a bit this week. 

We don't have an official measurement for Asher, but he weighs about 21 pounds.

Schedule/sleep: This month Asher dropped his third nap, so we have had some hard days where he is miserably tired before bedtime. Some days he goes to bed at 6:15 pm because he's exhausted! Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle because then he wakes up multiple times at night and then is ready for the day before 6 the next morning. 

Asher nurses 6-9 times a day, roughly every two-three hours during the daytime. He eats solids at dinner and sometimes for snacks. He's very interested in trying whatever anyone else is eating, but does NOT like to eat food when he is tired! He gets frustrated really easily and just drops it all on his tray-- poor babe! 

Asher loves: his momma, Charlotte, and his dad. He's started to show serious excitement when Joel comes home from work-- kicking, bouncing, waving his arms, and grinning the biggest grin. It's freaking adorable. 

Asher also loves being with other kids, drinking cold water from a glass, swinging C playing with non toys such as cloth, paper, whisks, running watches, toothpaste tubes, etc. He loves loves loves his stuffed monkeys and snuggles them so tightly when he goes to sleep. 

Asher doesn't like: waking up at night on his back, being left alone, being hungry or tired. 

Parenting: being Asher's mom is a total delight. Naturally, there are many challenges... The biggest being sleep deprivation. The second biggest being that he is the second child and so much of my time and energy are spent parenting Charlotte, too. I have had a lot of doubt lately about whether I'm doing a good job, or whether choices I make for him are the absolute best. 

This kid, though...? He is amazing! His sweet smiles and giggles make me think I could have a million more babies. 

We love you so much, eight month old boy! 

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