Monday, January 27, 2014

cloth diapering: the plan

I have been convinced for a while now that cloth diapering is something I'd like to give the ol' college try when we have kiddos. Joel was easy-going about the idea & has been completely supportive of whatever research I do and decisions I make regarding type, brand, cost, etc.

Our choice to use cloth is based on a variety of factors. It will save money in the long run, yes, but it's also an environmental decision, and selfishly, I've read that cloth diapered babies are often potty trained more easily & I would love for that to be the case in our house. I have baby-sat enough to know that newborns are insanely challenging, so I've already given myself permission to wait a month or so to start using cloth with our little one. Hopefully in the long run we'll figure out a cloth diaper system that works for us and fits smoothly into our family's routine and lifestyle.

So far we've purchased or been given:
10 Bum Genius 4.0 pocket diapers with snaps (We have mostly gender-neutral colors, but I did get some pink because they're darn adorable. This kind is supposed to fit babies starting at 8 pounds, but I've read that skinny legs take a while to fit well, so we'll see how quickly they work for this babe.)
12 flannel wipes
1 large planet wise pail liner (I plan to get a regular old trash can that will fit the pail liner and can open easily with a foot pedal or one hand)
2 Thirsties diaper covers with snaps (My friend Ashley uses diaper covers with "prefolds" and can often re-use the covers multiple times between washes. Hope that's true for us, too!)
2 Thirsties hemp inserts (to help with absorbancy)
We also have some pre-fold diapers that were given to us by my cousin.

Eventually we'll need to buy:
More pre-folds
A zipper-sealed wet bag
A diaper sprayer
WAY more cloth wipes!

Future issues to consider:
Prepping all these diapers before we use them the first time
Wash routine (which detergent, drying location, etc.)

image here

Future blog posts will reference some great resources I have found. Also, my Pinterest boards have links to a few good sites, so feel free, as always, to follow me there :)

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