Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pregnancy: week 40

Week 40
1 baby who doesn't seem to want to come out into this cold Philadelphia weather!
3 days of work for this momma-to-be. Officially on maternity leave now, kids!
7.5 pounds of baby in there (Our midwife's estimate. We shall see.)
1.5 cinnamon rolls consumed
1.5 pounds gained since last week (hmmm... directly related to those cinnamon rolls....?)
4 long walks
5 bright, cheerful cloth diaper covers washed and hung to dry
0 days wearing maternity jeans. They accidentally got dried in the dryer and are too uncomfortable to consider wearing for any extended length of time. So it's leggings and sweats for the indefinite future :)

In other prenatal appointment news:
Baby is no longer posterior (eyes looking up), but apparently her eyes are facing sideways (to the left) when ideally they should face my butt. That's a nice visual, eh? This is called OT position and isn't the absolute best position, but there doesn't seem to be much we can do at this point besides moving around and being active during labor. As of Tuesday afternoon I was 1cm dilated and still not very effaced (she guessed 25%, as opposed to last week's guess of 50%). That number was slightly discouraging, but it's progress from the week before, so we'll take it! Our midwife reassured me that I am doing everything right... first babies just tend to take their time. :)

There is no reason for concern because baby is moving and her heartbeat is strong, but standard procedure is to schedule a non-stress test and ultrasound at 41 weeks to check on heartbeat, placenta, amniotic fluid, and baby size. We have that appointment set for Monday, February 3rd.

Here's to hoping labor starts before then!

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