Saturday, March 8, 2014

One month old!

Happy birthday, Charlotte!

You are actually 5 weeks old this weekend, but we had your one month checkup on Friday morning so I am writing all about you now.

You weigh 9 pound, 7.5 ounces. That's about two pounds gained since birth.Way to go!

You are 22.7 inches long, which, hilariously, puts you in the 90th percentile!! We guessed you would get Dad's genes there, kiddo!

The worst part of your checkup was the second Hep.B shot the nurse gave you. Oh. Did your face get red as you cried in pain! Fortunately, they let us hang out quietly in the exam room so you could nurse before we drove home. They are nice, those pediatricians.

Here are some things you've enjoyed lately:

Stretching! You are long and lean and you love to stretch your arms above your head, especially when you first wake up from your nap!

Wearing your awesome new headband. 

Snoozing with Dad in the Ergo while I make dinner.
Taking a short road trip to New Jersey to have lunch with your Granddad. You actually slept through our lunch, but got to snuggle with Granddad before you ate your own lunch. You like listening to him sing "your song."

Making funny faces for the camera (That's my girl!).

Representin' West Philadelphia, Fresh-Prince style. And hating it ;)
And trying out your new cloth diapers! They fit your skinny legs! So exciting!

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