Saturday, May 17, 2014

The sleep situation

Right now we are doing this:

... And I am in heaven. All snuggled up. Deep baby breaths in my ear. Warm and cozy rolls on her arms and legs, tucked into me.

Because Charlotte has started rolling over (!!!!!), we no longer swaddle her up for naps or bedtime. She has had a VERY hard time adjusting and the going-to-sleep process has been rocky this past week.

She is sleeping through the night fully, from about 8pm to 5:45 or 6am (awesome!). However, she isn't as sleepy during the day and cannot settle down easily when it's time for bed. Most of her naps on Thursday and Friday were in the car seat because she cried and screamed when put in her crib awake and her caregivers wanted to make sure she got some rest!

I was feeling a little sheepish, because I'd started to get cocky that my baby could put herself to sleep. In her crib! Without being nursed or rocked! With just a tiny bit of fussing! So this whole adjustment made me feel embarrassed and a bit annoyed. I'm confident that this is just another phase, another stage of development, another parenting milestone.

Interestingly enough, today, when she hasn't had any bottles, and all her meals are directly from the source, Charlotte is feeling extra relaxed. So much so that she fell completely asleep while nursing and slept on my chest for 35 minutes...
But then tonight at bedtime, she screamed and fussed and spit up and coughed and cried. Until I nursed her to sleep. Which is not a habit I want to encourage. Sigh.

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