Tuesday, May 13, 2014

the stuff dreams are made of// Mother's Day 2014

On two different occasions lately, the weather has been perfect and Charlotte's mood right on par. I brought her outside with a blanket and set her down on her back, after finding a soft-ish spot in our yard.

As she kicked her legs and waved her arms busily around, I lay down next to her and whispered quietly. Stuff like, "Look at the clouds, little worm, they're so fluffy," or, "Do you hear those birds chirping, Charlotte?," and "Baby girl, this is what I hoped for when I began dreaming of your life."

She responded with sweet little smiles and an occasional squeal of delight.

We lounged around together, looking at the bushes and the sky and watching planes fly overhead. I caught her eye and she grinned. I sighed contentedly.

For as long as I can remember, my daydreams of motherhood included hours spent outside with my baby.
 This life, these warm, quiet days, this is the stuff dreams are made of.

The photos above are a few winners from Mother's Day this past Sunday. Of course, Charlotte had worn about three different cute outfits, and I finally put a onesie on her for the last hour before bed. And then I remembered I really wanted photographic evidence of here day. But she looked precious just the same. My two loves treated me so, so well in honor of my first Mother's Day. I am beyond blessed to be this little girl's momma.

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