Monday, June 13, 2016

Chats with Charlotte 6

"Mom, stay here. I go get Asher." .... 
"Hi, bud. You woke up." 

Me: "Joel, come here for a minute. Look what Charlotte has."
Charlotte: "Joel!! Come here!!" 

"I put Bear bed." (Leans back against the wall, covers herself with blankets, lifts her shirt, and holds Bear to her chest while making sucking noises.) 

"Asher, do you see that? Look out your window, Asher. It's a crane!"

"I relaxing. I stretching."

"Put Blue Rabbit bed. Blue Rabbit little. She a baby."

Me: Charlotte, come inside. It's time to eat dinner. 
Charlotte: No, Mom. I lay in grass. Look at sky little while. 

"You okay, Mom? Can I help you?"

"Uh oh! Lily fell down. Can I help you, Lily?"

" I see squirrel. Just like my squirrel. Squirrels love me!" 

Me: Charlotte, do you want a cracker?
C: No, Mom. I still licking my lollipop.

"Hear Mr. Will's truck. Be loud. I be little I drive Mr. Will's truck. Go airport. Dad sit in back, you sit in back. I drive you." 

"I nursing Blue Rabbit. Then I put him bed." 

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