Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pregnancy update 4: baby #2

How far along: 22 weeks  (and 22 weeks pregnant with Charlotte)

Baby news: it's a BOY!!

We have known for a couple of weeks, but I never managed to write any blog announcement. We are really happy that it's a boy and incredibly thrilled that he wasn't shy like Charlotte was at her 20 week ultrasound.

Total weight gain: 11 pounds (8 were gained just since my last midwife appointment!)

Maternity clothes: Just ordered a slightly dressy tank top and a pair of shorts from Old Navy. I'm a bit skeptical that the shorts will work, but I've been squeezing into my regular shorts with a hair tie around the button and they're just not working any more.

Pregnancy symptoms: It seems like I constantly need to use the bathroom, which is annoying and very frustrating in the middle of the night.

Also-- this little guy kicks HARD! As I was typing this post, he was forcefully nudging the iPad off his little body. It's fun to feel, especially when Joel can, too, but the movement gets uncomfortable after a while.

And, I've had some more significant cravings with this pregnancy: give me all the sour patch kids and all the ice cream. 

Thoughts: I'm mostly feeling excited, but also overwhelmed. It's funny, but my biggest concern lately has been who will watch Charlotte (and likely our friend's baby Jasmine) when I'm in labor. It makes me so anxious to think about finding someone to stay with the two girls, most likely in the middle of the night, while Joel and Melissa help me with contractions, etc. We will only have lived in our new town for two months when the baby arrives, and while we have some great connections, I still wonder about the logistics. 

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